Agent Booking Enquiry Form

The Rainbow Group Holiday is a collaboration between P&O, Barrow & Bear Travel, Qnews and the OUTexploring Social Travel Group. 

We would love to welcome your client aboard.  We respect the relationship you have built with your client and you can work with Barrow & Bear Travel to make a booking. 

In order for your client to attend the additional LGBTIQ onboard activities the cabin must be booked by Barrow and Bear Travel however you can continue to book any pre/post accommodation and transport to/from Brisbane.

Please complete this booking enquiry form and OUTexploring will send the enquiry through to Barrow and Bear Travel

If you have already booked a cabin, please advise the PNR and email P&O to advise you authorise Barrow and Bear Travel to take over the booking.

All names should be as they appear in passports.  

* Value Fare: Standard Cruise inclusions only.  Value Plus Fare: Includes premium drinks package and daily WiFi.